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How do you know if your seahorses are going to have babies?

I remember being told that if the female is fat, then it is preparing to give birth/eggs?


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ummm, the males have the babies... when the female is fat, the male and female do a dance in the water to transfer the eggs to the male. Thats the whole reason behind the pouch. the male then fertilizes them when they are in his pouch, and they develop inside of that.

it depends on the species, but it usually takes what, 2 weeks, or so? For the eggs to mature inside of the male and him to give birth to the babies.


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Oh I know its the male who gives birth, its the female that laid eggs.

Where can I find more info on raising baby horses?

Could ponies eat frozen baby brine and frozne cyclop?
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dig up old threads here

and on or

and no, babies don't eat frozen foods at birth-some species can eat baby brine shrimp, and some need rotifers as a first food.

and remember to feed the adults mysis shrimp ;)


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Hi psionicdragon,
If you are not fortunate enough to see the actual mating of your horses, there are a few things you can watch for when the male is pregnant.

Most males become more reclusive when pregnant and the pouch will darken in color.
Some pregnant males can be a little more difficult to feed but these can always be target fed if necessary.
And of course, last but not least, his pouch will continue to expand. :)

The fry need live food of appropriate size the first 2 months of their lives to get the nutrition they need. Depending on the species, most can eat new hatched artemia(baby brine shrimp),
copepods,etc. Some species, such a H. reidi are very small and need rotifers for the first couple of weeks.

You will also need to set up a seperate nursery for the little ones.