Back in the Hobby. Need Advice!


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Here I Go Again: Back in the hobby- Need Advice
Hi Reef Community:

I've been in the hobby a very long time. Left the hobby in 2017 for personal reasons. Getting back in to find myself overwhelmed with so many great improvements in equipment, lighting etc.

Considering the following options for a mixed reef tank:

Red Sea 425XL
Red Sea Peninsula 500
Red Sea Max S-400

Leaning towards the peninsula. What are your recommendations in comparing the above 3 choices?

Also, if I decide on the Peninsula 500, what:
1. lighting recommended for a mixed reef?
2. Pump
3. Dosing equipment
4. Powerheads

Thank you soooo much



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For lighting - a pair of either Ecotech Radion XR15's or Aqua Illumination Hydra 32's. Not the newest lights but both have a proven track record of growing corals. The MyAI app is a little less buggy than Mobius.


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Tank is all going to be personal preference as to what you want and what fits your space. Me personally, I’d go with whatever is shorter in height and wider front to back as I like a shallower tank with a wide footprint.

Lighting, can’t go wrong with most brand name LED. If you look towards the cheaper LED, I’d go with SmatFarm or Noopsyche. You can also do metal halide (though it’s not as widely available anymore) or T5. I know many do a combination of LED and T5.

I don’t dose but have heard great things about the Kamoer dosing pumps, though other brands seem to work just as well.

Powerheads, I have Jebao (cheaper Chinese pumps) and have no issues but depends what you want. If you don’t want cords, Ecotech MP pumps are what you’re looking for. If you don’t mind cords, just depends what you want out of the pump. The newer Gyres (Maxspect is one brand, Jebao makes one as well) are quite popular too

Return pump, again I’m running a Jebao but there are plenty of other brands to choose from that work just as well. Many will recommend a DC pump for controllability. Sicce is a popular brand.

I hope this helps!