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Hi Guys

Getting out of the hobby.

Tank : Reefer 170 43 gallon. 34 gallon display and 9 gallon sump.
Tank is in very good condition.
Custom refugium in the sump with no modifications to the original plumbing.

Radion XR30 light

Hydor Smart Level Controller, Automatic Top Off, ATO with Pump

Eshopps S200 Skimmer

Reef Octopus Varios S2 pump

MP 10

New Heater

Live stock

1 yellow tang about 3 inches or so long.

2 clown fishes one is a Picasso and other one is a Snow Flake i believe,

1 Coral Beauty never nips at any corals. Bought it when it was about half a inch long and now about 3 inches long.
Tons of Corals that are growing wild. Red Blasto, Purple Stylo, Plate Coral. 4 rainbow anemones, fancy mushrooms, Frogspawn, Huge neon toadstool, many more all doing well.

All fishes eat well and are healthy.No parasites No aptasia. Refugium has Chaeto.


- Brand new Inkbird smart temprature sensor.
- Salifert Testing Kits
- RODI Unit and storage tank with auto shut off valve 3 stage
- Years worth of salt Coral Pro
- Will provide buckets for move.
- 40 gallon storage rubbermaid tank.



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