Help choosing a nano tank!


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Hey everyone,

I am downsizing to a 14ish gallon setup. I've narrowed it down to these three I think. Unless anyone knows of another option I should be considering around 14-16 gallons. I am not interesting in 10g aquariums at this time. Let me know what you think!

Option 1: AquaTop 14g
I love the look of this and obviously the price. It doesn't have any compartments in back to run GFO or anything which is a downside. I'm thinking no filtration won't be an issue and just using live rock/sand and weekly water changes. (I did this about 10 years ago with a 10g setup) I've also never heard of AquaTop. Has anyone else? :

Option 2: Nuvo Fusion 14g
Love this! It's just expensive:

Option 3: Evo 13.5g
Just so much plastic... Not sure if I love the look but I like the price. I would plan on removing the hood as long as it's easy and upgrading with a better LED light:

Curious of your thoughts! Let me know.

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I thought the same thing about the Nuvo's. They are expensive.

But, once you have one, and you work with it, the quality of the build is superb and the customer service is phenomenal - you really get what you pay for. I now have 2, and I don't think I'd ever buy any other small tank.

I had an Evo 13.5 previous to this, and it's a good little option. Plastic yes, lacks some space but overall for the price you can't touch it. The hood simply lifts right off, nothing difficult about it. AI Prime HD is a great light for it.


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Is anyone using a Waterbox Peninsula Mini 15? Curious, in a comparison with the Nuvo Fusion 14.

Which tank did you decide to use?