Sailfin tang problem


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We bought a sailfin tang and he attack all my angels and my clowns one of my clowns died. Is it normal behavior for a sailfin tang or a tang in genral


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Welcome to Reef Central. I'm sorry to hear about your fish. Tangs can be aggressive. What size tank did you put it in? Is it an adult or juvenile? What other fish are in the tank?


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The angel was a bicoler dwarf and he was the largest fish in the tank,no i havent heard of the mirror trick


Dr. Fish
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Thanks for the info whats your opinion on the powder blue tang is it as aggressive

Acanthurus spp. are probably some of the most aggressive tangs. It's difficult to suggest a non-aggressive tang as they are all territorial, but a Two Spot Bristletooth Tang (Ctenochaetus binotatus) is probably as easy going as it gets due to its relative small size.