Setting up a wave-maker


Team RC
I have a Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper 1 and I am trying to make sense on how to do program it,
The instructions read
Setup Wavemaker
Every channel that is set to be a powerhead is associated with one cycle: A, B, or C. The A and B cycles alternate at the set interval. The cycle turns on and off at the set interval but is independent of the A and B cycles.
In the Setup Wavemaker menu, you must first set the Cycle A/B. This is the amount of time that cycle A will be on while cycle B is off and vice versa. You must set this time to any value between 20 seconds and 4 hours. Once you have made your selection you must set the Cycle C time. This is the amount of time that cycle C will be on and off for in succession. You muay set this time to any value between 20 seconds and 2 hours.
Night mode occurs when all the lights are off based on the configuration of the light channels. During night mode the powerheads that are configured to be off turn off and A/B and C cycles times double.
the currently active wavemaker cycles are displayed on screen as shown at right with the A and C
Those are the instructions I have a few questions
The powerheads are Hydor Evo that are controllable Will they work on a Reef Keeper?
I can kinda understand that one pump goes on and one goes off but I am not sure what cycle C does?
I know this is long winded:crazy1: but I wanted to put the instructions in. thanks in advance