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Hello everyone, I just lost an emperor angelfish in my hospital tank, my fish was fine in my main tank, I had never had a fish that ate so much, it adapted quickly to my tank, it ate from my hand and it was the only one habitant. I'm quite disappointed to have lost it, for me it does not make sense to have lost a fish like that, so I made a timeline with all the disease process of my tank, and I hope you can help me see what happened, here you have it :

February 17- The fish arrives with my trusted dealer.
March 11- The dealer ships the fish.
March 12- The fish reaches my tank, from here it feeds 5 or 6 times a day and begins to gain weight.
March 23- Signs of cryptocarion, 3 or 4 white dots on his fins, I decide to turn off the tank lights and feed him more often.
March 25- With dots disappear.
March 28- The fish begins to eat from my hand, attacks the food hungrily, I turn on the tank lights again.
March 30- Cryptocarion appears again, 6 or 7 white dots now.
March 31- The fish is quite covered in white spots, it still eats like a champ.
April 1- Transfer of fish to hospital tank, first dose of Paraguard.
April 4- 25% water change. Cryptocarion is largely controlled, and the fish loses minimal weight.
April 6- The fish begins to breathe heavily, and begins to lose appetite (it already eats less), it only has 2 or 3 whiteheads.
April 7- I suspect an ammonia spike, I do a 30% water change.
April 8- The angel emperor looks clean in the morning and until late in the afternoon, continues to breathe heavily, but eats well, attacks food very well around 5 pm. 4 hours later the fish is pale and with white spots on its scales, and it completely loses its appetite.
April 9- The fish still does not taste food, I do a 30% water change but Cryptocarion comes back strong.
April 10- Last dose of paraguard, the fish looks bad, with white dots and pale spots on its scales, it defecates a couple of completely white feces.
April 11- 50% water change, tail and fins begin to shed, few white dots, sunken stomach. I add activated carbon to remove the paraguard.
April 12- First dose of Nitrofurazone, no signs of Cryptocarion, his breathing has been rough since April 6, he has not eaten since April 8 and the fins are shedding quickly.
April 13- The fish dies.

I will go ahead giving details of my hospital tank, 20 gallon tank, HOB filter with perlon and ceramic rings that I grow in my sump, I put 50% water from my main tank and 50% new water when starting the treatment, I would like to know what happened to this fish and why it deteriorated so quickly.


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Look at the photographs that I just attached, there is only one day difference between them, the decomposition of the fins was very fast.


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