20gal help


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Hey everyone, I have one simple question. I have been in the hopby for about 5 years. I had a 150 set up and then a 75 set up about 2 years ago. I have not had anything up sence that time. I desided to get back into the hobby recentaly. I am setting up a 20 gal reef tank due to the cost difference of the 75 and 150. I have all my old stuff and I want to know if you think its going to be to much. Here is the equiptment: A 75 gal wet dry, Sealife proten skimer( I don't remember the model), 9w turbo twister uv. Here is my big problem, the pump. I have a model 24 which pumps 2400gph. Will that be to much for the 20gal. Also I have a 175MH for lighting is that ok to if I mount it like 10" high? Thank you very much for your help..

It should all work. You might want a smaller return pump, or throttle yours back, as you may get micro bubbles. The tank also has to be able to drain fast enough.

Everything else should be fine.
I would say you could use everything but the pump. The lighting might be the hard part but if you do it right it would be great and you could keep any coral you like. good luck!
Thanks guys. I have it leveled out pretty good and its not a hurrican in the tank so I think it should work. Next project: the canopy(oh Joy!)