40 Breeder to 60 or 95 Gallon Corner Upgrade


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Without seeing the total distortion of a full bend like that, i wouldn't go for one. It may not be bad, like bowfronts from petsmart or something, but i wouldn't just assume i could deal with it without actually seeing it.

Cleaning a curve is less fun than flat glass. Obviously it depends on the curve and cleaner style (plus if you only go horizontal its pretty okay) but its something to keep in mind, especially if its already more sensitive being acrylic.


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Do you think the 1/4 cylinder will be that much easier to work on?

The top opening of a 1/4 cylinder is likely to be much larger and therefore the tank will be much easier to work inside. Of course that depends on your tank, as will the degree of distortion from the curve/bends. It is pretty bad at the curves on my pentagon, but otherwise ok.


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A reef ready, 92 gallon all-glass with stand just came up for sale in my area. I think I'm going to jump on it. There's a non-reef ready one nearby as well, could drill it for a shadow. Not sure how much difference that would make other than saving a little room.