50G final sheet of fish that made the cut :)


Will work for fish
Suggestions and Expertise would be much appreciated :)

I'm going to be building a lid for my rimless this weekend so I can expand on my list of fish, yay.

1) 2 clowns (acquired already)
2) Tailspot Blenny
3) Royal Gramma
4) Yellow Candy Hogfish
5) Cherub Dwarf Angel
6) Some sort of Wrasse any suggestions on which one would be appreciated :)

Also please critique the order I'm adding fish, I want the most aggressive one last :) THANKS!!!
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Will work for fish
CRAP, I never thought about shrimp, which fish is it that's aggressive towards shrimp, snorvich? I will definitely need to get in some peppermint shrimp to get rid of the aiptasia I have surfacing


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My wife just got a tailspot blenny for her 65 gallon reef tank. It is a great fish. As far as the royal gramma goes I bleive it may go after shrimp.


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I totally see that now... what do you guys think about replacing the hogfish w/ a fridmani?

Would they get into scuffles w/ the gramma because of same body shape?


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My tail spot killed 2 thredfin cardinals in 24 hrs,as soon as I added them. Never seen him behave like that, dunno *** his deal was. FYI


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The yellow candy hogfish is pretty. I may take that one into consideration. Especially since I won't be housing any shrimps.

For wrasses, look into some fairies or flashers. Whipfin, red velvet, redfin, etc... I wouldn't recommend a mystery wrasse though if you're planning on peppermint shrimps.


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I had a cherub angel that, ounce, for ounce, was the meanest fish I ever kept. Ended up giving her away.

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Hmm, I would not do a six line wrasse either. They become pretty aggressive as they grow. Definantly lean towards the flasher, fairy, and pygmy wrasses. They are completly reef safe(won't harm your shirmp) as far as I know and are quite peaceful. I would replace the hog fish with something along the lines of a goby, jawfish, or simply get a trio of any flasher or fairy wrasse.