55 gallon setup

Ok so, i know im pretty new to the hobby, but i recently got money for an old project back home and was almost immediatly offered a 55 gallon tank, stand and refug for a ludicrous price from a good friend of mine. Question being the lighting alone. I have a 175w MH over my 30 gallon now but would that be enough to light the 55? and i really wish that i had picked up that second metal halide when it was offered. Furthermore anyone that has a 55 gallon, how hard is it to keep up? ive never worked with a fuge before, and how hard are water changes? thanks for any input you have and if anyone is selling enough MH to lignt up a 55 gallon i will steal it from you. thanks!
The problem with one single 175w MH over a 55 is the spread of the light. Most people consider that a single MH bulb has a spread of 2 feet. Most 55G tanks are 4 ft look. So you really should have 2 MH bulbs. One option you might consider doing is a tank where you have a single MH bulb in the middle. Then supplement it with a 4ft long PC or T5. You will have a tank that is brighter in the middle, but darker on the side. You can grow SPS (or just about anything) in the middle, and grow zoas and softer on the outer edges. That might look pretty cool.

Is the 55G a reef ready tank (with built in overflows)?

Now to give you grief: I just finished building your canopy - and now you're ditching it. :p I feel insulted... not really...

not to jack your thread, but i got a question that mn was asking you. The overflow tank. Isnt that only if you are using a canister or out of tank filter. Not like a bio wheel?
Im currently running a 55, see my sig.

As far as maintence I would say its not to bad, not very different than any other medium/small tank. Its just that the sump is so small it can be a pain to clean, I try to clean it of detritus the best I can every water change.

Aquascaping can be a pain too because the tank is only 13 inches deep. Heres mine...


Good Luck!
dont worry minh i like your box too much to ditch so easily im actually thinking about purchasing 2 mhs for the 55 if it goes through, im gunna need to get another job now.. as far as the tank goes, yes reef ready with overflow and it looks nice, its a little short for my taste though, the tank with hood is only 4 or 5 feet tall.. well see its all speculative now. As far as the 30 gallon goes i dont think i want to get rid of it, but i might sell it to my roomate i really like how it looks now with the halide over it, if i can get a decent picture i will post soon, have fun at the meeting!