90gal reef tank


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so ive been reading a lot and i think ive got my list of stuff down now.

i already have:
1 90gal drilled tank
1 30 gal qtin tank
1 sump for 90gal tank
1 hob filter for the 90 gal tank
1 hob filter for qtin tank
2 heaters for the qtin tank
1 maxi jet powerhead 106gph for qtin tank

i planning on getting:
4 t8 bulbs
2 reef suns by zoo med
2 coral suns by zoo med
marineland in sump skimmer
coral dip
reef master test kit

i dont think i missed anything what do you guys think.


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With those t8 bulbs you will be limited to what corals you will be able to keep. the t8 bulbs are normal output floresent bulbs, if you are planning on keeping anything other than soft corals i would go for a good t5 fixture or even a MH fixture, My advise would be to do alot of reserch befor you do your purchases, it will save you money in the long run, No need to buy anything that you would need to upgrade down the road. Save your money and buy once. Welcome to your new addiction!!!!


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Agreed, take a serious look at skimmers and lighting and make sure you make an educated choice.

Your current choices are not something most people would recommend.

Try using the search function and typing something along the lines of "best skimmer".
I wasted over a grand on stupid **** when I first started.


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im planning on getting leds around christmas i will need to save the money i already have the fixture for the t8s.


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That was the first skimmer I bought for my 90 gallon.

I upgraded a month later. You really want to kinda overkill the skimmer to some extent bud.

Spend 250 instead of 150 and you will thank yourself down the road.

Also look for used equipment to save yourself a fortune bud.