a few more newbie questions (Bimac)


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Hi friends,
three simple questions........

NITRATE.... Is 25ppm too much for a Octopus Bimac? (Salifert test)
I do water changes regularly, but it wants to settle at 25ppm.

AGE.... I noticed people posting the size of there Bimacs as a mantle the size of a grape. The mantle on mine is about the size of a small chicken egg (about 10" from tentical tip to tip). Is this a mature Octopus? Will it get bigger
and if so what age do they fully mature?

How often should I feed this guy and how much? I always feed it when it is out and on the hunt. Which is about one crab a day.
Do you feed everyday, once a day?

Thank you:)
Your nitrates should be ok there. But don't let it go over 50ppm.
Bimacs will grow tohave a mantle as large as a apple, but you need to feed them alot. Yours is a adult. It will get bigger still if fed alot.
I feed every day to every other day. It depends hoew fast you want your octopus to grow. The more you feed the faster they will grow.