A few tank inhabitants need a home


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I tried taking my tank down last fall and then got sidetracked with various personal issues. Well, I need to get it done ASAP.
As a start I have an algae issue currently that is only getting worse.

I need a new home for a few critters. I have one rock with an unknown type of polyp colony on it. I have a small toadstool leather (about 4" long) that is attached to a small piece of rock. I have a very large toadstool leather (about 8" tall and at least that wide when open) that is unfortunately attached to a fake castle. I have tried unsuccessfully to get him to move to a rock although I know he will move. There is also a small clown fish that lives in the large leather. If at all possible I would like to see the clown stay with his home. I would like to get $5 each for the little leather and polyp rock. I would like $20 for the clown/large leather combo.

If anyone is interested give me a call at 623 434-3375.

I also have an oak hood that is quite large for a 4' tank. It contains a set-up with 2 NO's and 2 - 175W MH lamps. This is an older Hamilton system with large external transformers. It is still in good working order. I had it hung above my tank from the ceiling. It can operate as it is or be used for parts or rebuilding at your option. I would like to get about $50 for it.

I also have a small tank that might work well for a sump. It came from a wall display at a PetSmart. I would like recoup the $10 I paid for it.

Thanks for looking.
The clown is just a standard ocellaris. It was purchased as a tank raised so is not very big (maybe 1 1/2").