A360WE Lighting Question


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Hey All,

How much light is too much? This light is over a 30 gallon JBJ tank. it is setting 5.5" above the water. I am controlling it with an Apex and have it set at 85% intensity. My birds nest is going nuts, but the monti is browned out. And parts are loosing all color. Any suggestions? Does spectrum affect coloration?

lhm nole

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IMO light is way too low have my 350 at 16 inches and run my blues at 80 and whites 40.. went 100% when I first got them and fried a bunch of corals.. I would start off with maybe 15% intensity and color around 15k ,, A lot of light for a little tank


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Yeah, I think you should probably turn it down to about 50% intensity and gradually increase from there. These are very powerful lights.