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Hi everyone,
I have a new(3 weeks old and ammonia/nitrate levels are very low and I do water change 2x a week) 20 gallon...I got some nice live rock a couple weeks ago, that I recently spotted some weird little snails foraging on. I looked em up, and they are definitely little tropical abalone. I read that they are culturing tropical abalone for the seafood trade in the Fiji area. I also read they are good at controlling algae, and I have a bit of brown "algae" that it seems they are munching away on. Has anyone had experience with these little guys, are they appropriate to have in a reef aquarium, as I am getting beautiful corraline algae? Would I be able to keep an emerald crab with them? Online they are sold for $20 each, my local pets store seems to think they are the same as an astrea or turban snail so they sell em for like a buck each. Thanks!:)


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depending on the species, a 20 gallon will be too small for your abalones. they make fantastic foragers of algae though, and are reef safe, and shouldn't touch coraline algae.