acan question


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i have 4 aussie acans two of them are great opened 24 /7... the other two have maintained color but are not puffed out if you know what i mean...... as long as the color looks perfect no fading and no parts decaying does that mean they are healthy and just are not opening up right now?


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yeah i have........ they look the same during the night and die i just moved one of the colonies from the bottom to the upper middle of my tank to see if that helps...... one head was eating once but my divideds (wrasses) keep grabbing out the shrimp from its mouths


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How long have you had them? If they went from large differences (at least to them) in ecosystems, ie light, flow, etc., it can take a wjile for them to puff.
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one head was eating once but my divideds (wrasses) keep grabbing out the shrimp from its mouths
It wouldn't suprise me if this was the reason for staying closed up. Acans dont use a lot of light, so to photosynthesize I dont believe its necessary for them to puff up all the way. I think that when they puff up, its more a sign of them wanting to biosyntesize (aka, eat). If something is stealing their food everytime they try to eat, I would suspect this would cause them to not puff up.

Keep other animals at bay while they feed.....this is one coral that needs its food, thats for sure.


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This may sound like a stupid question but is acan growth directly related to the frequency of feeding?


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they will grow with good light but feeding them grows them faster. i feed all my LPS 4-5 times a week i didnt used to and have noticed significant increase with more feedings. just be sure your filtration can handle it