Advice on a mantis trap?


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I have 2 of the little guys in my tank, just realized what they were today. Any advice on catching them would be great. I have never heard any clicking though, could that be a result of the depth of my tank (22" of water)?

Thanks in advance.

- Daniel
I have sucessfully used the X-Terminator. It takes a lot of patience thought and I mostly caught my detrivores...
Daniel, I had a mantis in my tank a few months ago. If yours was snapping you would definitely hear it. I tried a few different traps, all to no avail. I caught everything but the mantis. It would look into the traps, but would not go in. Finally my wife a friend and i spent a day with some bamboo skewers and chased the bugger into a net and snatched him out. In my wife's opinion it was the most excitement she has gotten out of the tank. good luck....evan