Aggressive clowns?


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Hello everyone! I hope that you can help me confirm my suspicions... I have 40G tank with live rock and a maroon clown pair. The female is a nice size. Over the past six months I've tried to introduce BTA's of various sizes. Some rather pricey BTA's... Sigh... They've basically loved each one to death or near death.:sad2: I lost one and ended up removing three others (three separate attempts) My nano reef in my living room is now mostly a BTA tank. I put in an emerald crab to deal with an algae problem, only to find his skeletal remains a month later, I rescued a sand sifting sea serpent missing all legs (now also resides in the nano downstairs growing back its legs) and now I'm missing my fairly large cleaner shrimp. Is this the handi work of my clowns? Is this tank destined to be a bare rock tank with two clowns? Even my clove polyp colony has disappeared which I initially blamed on the emerald crab but now I'm not so sure...