AI Nano Review & PAR numbers


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Okay, let's to it!

Tank: Elos Mini
-20 gallons
-17lb Live-Rock in display
-Mixed reef (SPS, LPS, Softies)

Flow: Vortech MP10ES

Lighting: AI Nano
-2 Cree XM-L Cool White
-4 Cree XP-E Blue
-4 Cree XP-E Royal Blue
-Mix between 40/70 degree optics

PAR Meter Used: Apogee QMSS

Here are the measurements:

NOTE: 2'' is out of water, 4'' is AT water level, 6'' is 2'' below water and on...

25% on all 3 colors, measured under the CENTER of fixture
-2'' below fixture: 1700
-4'' below fixture: 375
-6'' below fixture: 100

50% on all 3 colors, measured under the CENTER of fixture
-2'' below fixture: 2000+ (meter doesn't go higher)
-4'' below fixture: 700
-6'' below fixture: 300
-8'' below fixture: 200
-14'' below fixture: 77
-18'' below fixture: 50

50% on all 4 colors, measured at the SIDES of the tank
-4'' between: 25-32
-6'' between: 60-68
-8'' between: 69-83
-10'' between: 48-54
-14'' between: 40-47
-18'' between: 39-43

75% on all 3 colors, measured under the CENTER of fixture
-2'' below fixture: 2000+
-4'' below fixture: 850
-6'' below fixture: 530
-8'' below fixture: 437
-10'' below fixture: 359
-12'' below fixture: 181
-18'' below fixture: 69

75% on all 3 colors, measured at the SIDES of the tank
-6'' between: 87-90
-8'' between: 156-179
-18'' between: 51-58

100% on all 3 colors, measured under the center of the fixture
-2'' below fixture: 2000+
-4'' below fixture: 1339
-6'' below fixture: 622
-8'' below fixture: 469
-10'' below fixture: 301
-12" below fixture: 169
-18'' below fixture: 107

100% on all 3 colors, measured at the SIDES of the tank
-8'' between: 198-205
-10'' between: 141-163
-18'' between: 88-94


I like the AI Nano for many reasons. The build is very small and sleek, and there is no extra "parts" or "spaces" that are just...."there". Ya know? It is only as big as it needs to be to house all the LED's, fans, driver...etc. TINY! I also like how you get 3 color choices and you can set the values of each one of them to get the exact color you want. The mounting arm is rather cheap looking...but seeing that it is black, you can barely even see it when it is on your tank. There is only 1 wire (2 if you have the controller) and it gets tucked nicely within the arm mount so you see no wires. The fan is quiet as can be and comes on automatically when a certain temperature has been reached. I have had my LED's set up to around 45% and the fan has yet to come on...great little fella! The PAR levels will differ in everyones tank based on flow...I am using a Vortech MP10ES that blows in the center of the tank (where I was taking measurements), and it was on pretty high as well. Overall...I really enjoy the lighting. I wouldn't put this over anything bigger than a 18x18 cube tank.

Based on the PAR measurements above, I am currently running this fixture at 46% white, 55% blue and 55% royal blue. I will gradually increase each week based on how my corals are looking. My acropora colony towards the edge of my tank has been browning a little bit, and I believe that to be from lack of lighting (it was only getting around 55 PAR at my prior settings), but I just adjusted my light from around 34-40% range to the 55% hopefully it will help it out a bit.

(pictures were taken with iPhone 4 and LEDs at 34/40/40%)





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Thanks for the info, I purchased the elos mini about a month ago on craigslist. It came with the e-lite, but I was looking at the AI Nano for a future purchase. Can you program the leds seperately, dust, dawn, moonlight? Please keep me updated when you can on any other observations. Thanks again, Tim


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Yes, with the AI can have 14 different settings throughout the day. You can simulate dawn, dusk, cloud coverage, thunderstorms, moonlight and the lunar cycle...

I actually have mine go from a more blue spectrum at first, and then a more white spectrum for a few hours...then back. Just so everything is happy!


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I've had the fixture for a few weeks now, and slowly got them up to 36 white, 40 blue and 40 royal blue....and just bumped it up to 46/55/55.

Dawn: 11:55am w/ a 30 minute ramp
White: 10
Blue: 25
Royal Blue: 25

Daytime: 1:55pm w/ 120 minute ramp
White: 46
Blue: 55
Royal Blue: 55

Daytime 2: 6:45pm w/ 15 minute ramp time
White: 55
Blue: 48
Royal Blue: 46

Daytime 3: 8:00pm w/ 15 minute ramp time
White: 46
Blue: 55
Royal Blue: 55

Dusk: 9:55pm w/ 60 minute reverse ramp time
White: 0
Blue: 10
Royal Blue: 10

Nighttime: 10:55pm w/ 0 ramp time and lunar cycle on (changes between 0 and max numbers below given the specific day of the week/month)
White: 1
Blue: 5
Royal Blue: 3

I think everything will like it! Since I've upped the % a bit today, my Tricolor Acro colony is showing it's polyps again! Not to mention, my frogspawn is twice the size of normal (no joke) and my Multicolor Wellso is about 6'' across!