Algae or cyano causing bubbles?? Pics


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I noticed bubbles forming on my rocks and frag rack. I have been setting my lights higher (led) every week. I'm guessing this may have contributed to the algae bloom. Today, I noticed a lot of red strings dangling from the frag rack. I'm thinking it may be cyano. The picture shows some of the bubbles with some of the bubbles caught in the red stringy stuff. Do you think this is cyano or a type of algae?

I know the pic quality it low.


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It's not the start of algae bubbles, Cyano will do this if it sits. It absorbs the oxygen that might be created by your return or jets, usually just out of a good flow area. Take a turkey baster and vacuum the cyano out, can also be removed by siphon when doing a water change. You don't want that stuff sitting around anyways, its just ugly.