Alk calcium dosing amount

CSS Reef

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I have been dosing amount of

Randy 2 part recipe #2:
100ml Alk
100ml Cal

This has mantained values in my tank at 11.2 DKH (meq/l) and 400 ppm calcium everyday

I am in the process of switching over to calcium reactor and waiting for some equipment to come in. I have ran out of homemade 2 part and will use B-Ionic temporarily until my reactor is setup.

I have checked the online calculatrs and would just like reassurance, to maintain the values above on a daily basis I would have to dose

about 37 ml of part 1 and part 2 b-ionic a day?? Is this correct??

This is assuming that my tank is dropping 5 ppm in calcium and .25 meq/l every 24 hour period.

Can someone please confirm I dont want to shock my tank and dose the 100ml of B-ionic which I have been dosing with the homemeade recipe.... Thanks!

CSS Reef

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that is the calculator I used but just wanted confirmation from someone. how do I know if it is the old or new version?