Alveopora (flowerpot coral) question


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I am the proud new owner of a nice piece of branching alveopora. I have read extensively on them but just wanted to get some other peoples success stories and how they were successful in keeping this coral. IE.. hints or tips feeding, flow, light, etc...


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I have only had mine about a month but it seems to be doing well 20" from 175&250 MHs. its kinda in between them, I read they like a good amount of indirect light. the flow varies from medium to none in that area. Its still new but fully extended and bright colors. I spot feed with cyclops once a week(not sure if this is helping or not.)


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I have 4. 3 long tentacles and 1 short. Ive had mine for about a year now and they grow pretty quick under 4 vhos. I just feed cyclops daily to my fish and corals. They like moderate flow ime, they are one of the hardiest corals I have ever owned.


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They are easier than goni, I have a few with no problems, I have even fragged them sucessfully. I feed fairly frequently though