Am I feeding right


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So I cut back from twice a day to once a day and I am alternating flake one day and frozen the next. But I dont get how much flake or frozen to put in . they eat every drop of everything I put in (1 clown, 1 G Chromis) I usuallt put in two good sized pinches of flake and the frozen I use a turkey baster and put in maybe 2 squirts. Some food definatley hits the ground but most is eaten. Do I keep feeding until they stop eating or just a few flakes and thats it.

Hate to starve them.


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IMO And I'm new to salt but pro at fresh You should feed fish 1 time per day. Some do every other day.
But always only feed what they can eat in 3-7 min.


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Hey, i feed once a day before there bed time and supplement some pellets every other morning (tamato clown feeds bublble tip those )also keep an eye on perimators because over feeding can cause amonia and phosphate spikes


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Just look at your clowns belly area and if its really puffy then you know your feeding too much. My clowns eat so much I think they might blow up. I feed them frozen ONLY. Flakes don't look too great... would you eat it?? lol :D


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I agree - watching the animals is key. For clowns and chromis once a day is fine. Tangs on the other hand need to graze throughout the day.