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I figured this is the place to discuss my issue. When you start spending hundreds of dollars on fish your family and co workers just stare at you like you have a third eye.

So, after looking far and wide for a Tusk my LFS took a trip to L.A. and was able to special order one (apparently they are out of season). I got a good price and although he was from the Indian Ocean, he had great coloring.

He was 3-4 inches, big enough to not be eaten by my lion (10-11 inches) so I acclimated him, and he eats almost immediately Monday morning. All is great, my tank is basically completed. Last night I came home and he was gone. Not in the rocks, not in the overflows or sump. I checked the floor even upstairs to make sure the cats did not drag him away and nothing. I was completely puzzled, where does a $65 fish go?

About this time I see my 15 inch coral cat shark swim out with a massive lump in his stomach. How the hell he ate that fish I have no idea! He coughs up squid if the piece is too big! Between frustration and anger it hits me... I could have had steak, lobster, drinks and dessert with the money I spent on that fish!

Anyway, I figured this was a more acceptable place to vent my frustration. I am curious how many aquarists’' fish eat better than they do!


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Ah....Mo Town! Born in Turlock myself!

That least now you can wait and get a big Aussie version if you so choose.


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That is annoying, but $65 for a HT is a pretty good price :) Up here they go for $120+, so just be glad you only wasted $65.

The fish could have died and the shark just scavenged it. Unlikely since it was doing well, but tusks seem to have a reputation of just up and dying, like basically having a heart attack, during the first week they've been in a tank. Kind of weird.


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True, I had a fish once seem to have a stroke once. It just seemed weird. I know the price was good, but it still sucks. Although to put it in perspective, it was only have of the price of my wife's haircut, so I guess buying a new one would make us even


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My lunare was almost as long as my lionfish when I got my volitan and I was still nervous. They can really eat some big fish.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=14215996#post14215996 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by anbosu
My lunare was almost as long as my lionfish when I got my volitan and I was still nervous. They can really eat some big fish.
I think a good rule of thumb would be to assume a Volitan can eat a fish at least half as long as he is; with some adjustment for the height of the "meal" fish. Tusks are very robust fish; but the small I.O. Tusks that are around this time of year seem to be thinner than the Aussies. Still beautiful fish, though.
I know very little about sharks, but I'd think any 15" shark could dine on any 3-4' fish; especially if he caught it off guard at night. When i lived in the Fla keys years ago, I often saw what small sharks can do; all they need is the 1st bite. The big Aussie tusks will be more available in a couple months; that would be a safe bet. H. T. s are great tankmates for lions.


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I had a 6''' lion fish , bought a 4 wk old banded cat shark.
Put the shark into my DT ,did n't even make it to the bottom,lion fish swam right up swallowed it ,started to swim away with the back end of the shark hanging out ,thankfully spit it out.
Back to the lfs with the lion.


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lol, wow I had a Cat shark do the same thing to a large algea blenny, What does that translate to, 20 bucks per 5 seconds. I know lions can do this I have had him over two years, but the shark surprised me. I just didn't think he could swallow a fish that size. Oh well, tax return is right around the corner.


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Wow that sucks! I think most people who have sharks have been in that position at one point or another. It's too bad it didn't have a top shelf water conditioner to go with the expensive meal!