Anemone split & Shrimp death

sarah taylor

New member
Any advice please. Had 2 fire shrimps over 2 years all healthy and growing no probs in tank all parameters good all occupants good. looked at tank just as passing saw one shrimp make a couple big sudden jumps right up tank though was odd then saw the other shrimp father down tank do same a but like they'd been skocked but then seemed ok so just thought they'd had a tiff. within 20 mins both were on floor another half hr both dead!! nothing else in tank affected all ok??? just dint get what happened would an anemone have stung or shocked both at same time after 2 years?? then 3 days later our red bubble tip has split into 2.. check every water parameter and all fine. usually thought this was stress but both are thriving and full and seem very hapoy. after shrimps death and checking everything we did clean off a power head and replace I same place but think it was a but more powerful so anemone did go on the move but after us adjusting she's come back to her usual position but as 2 side by side?? but feeding and flowing happily just a but miffed if 2 weird things occurring in 1 week after months and minths of no changes .. any advice very welcome x