Anyone have any rock


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Hi everyone one if anyone is downsizing or moving and looking to unload some live rock or base rock. I would be so greatful



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How much are you looking for? I have a few good sized rocks and one really large rock that has been in my 140g fuge but doesn't have much coraline on them. The large one is probably 18"x 12" and weighs about 40lbs. The smaller ones are about the size of a head of lettuce and weigh about 3-5 lbs I think. These are estimates only. I never tried weighing them. I have aquascaped my 92g recently and removed the stuff I won't be using so the rest is available.
I would say it is all about 100 lbs and has lots of life. I would be willing to sell it all for $200 if you want it all or $2.50/lb if you want to pick and choose. There may be some corals and sponges on the rocks that you could have also.

It takes me about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to Cedar Point so depending on what part of Sandusky you are in you can go from there. I can also get to Salty Critter in about 50 minutes. I am straight down Rt 58 from Wellington or Oberlin.

Let me know. I don't mind keeping it in there for filtration but I also could put the cash to good use. :)

-- Kevin