Anyone interested in a Ca reactor at the frag swap?


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I am selling my Ca Reactor. I have two now. I wanted to see if there was any interest in it for me to bring to the frag swap. I didn't want to lug it up there if no one wanted to check it out.

It is an Aquatic Systems Design. 6"x18" body. It is like brand new. Has brand new never-used UniSeal gaskets installed, a brand new whole impeller for the Eheim pump. Eheim is one of the best, most durable, and quietest pumps available. They are expensive but worth it. It runs silently. This reactor is based on the GEO models. Has a air bleed off valve on top, a bubble count chamber, and a built in valve to control drip rate into the sump, as well as a pH probe port on top. Very high quality, I can't tell the difference in this and my GEO. Richard can vouch for their quality, he deals with the owner/maker. Whole reactor is like new, all the important parts have been replaced and are brand new, never used.

If you have thought about getting a Ca reactor to make your life easier, and for your coral to grow bigger and faster, think about it. Let me know and I'll bring it to the swap. JP




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Hey it looks great I'm in the market for one so if you don't mind get with me by pm or on here ASAP so I know which one I want thanks