Aqua-C Remora Experiment


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I own both a Remora (w/MJ1200) and a Remora Pro (w/Mag5). There aren't many things you can tweak to improve performance. For the heck of it, I decided to experiment. I raised the MJ pump a little closer to the water surface of my 29g. I had a piece of 3/4 inch vinyl tubing laying around. So I simply cut a piece and placed it under the waterfall lip of the skimmer where it normally sits on the frame of the tank. That raised the MJ about an inch closer to the water surface. And the waterfall is now about a half inch above the water surface. The return from the skimmer isn't producing any significant micro-bubbles. I've been running it like this for about 2 weeks. Its performace seems more consistant. I'm skimming "dry" with the collection cup sitting about 2 inches high. Now there's almost always foam visible in the tower of the collection cup. It's nothing like my Deltec, but the Remora's previous output was very inconsistant. I'm not advocating or recommending anyone try this. It's simply my ongoing experiment and observation.