Aquafudge pro

Hello, Could you provide the dimensions for the refugium portion of the sump and what light you'd reccomend? Also, what is the flow reccomended on the return pump? What conservative size tank is the unit able to handle? Thanks.

The refuge are is approx 19 x 12 wide and would be about 8" deep in water, so pretty decide area.

I'm not sure on the flow though. Looking at the layout i think you could push 700 plus gallons through it, but not sure if that is too much to keep your refuge area from blowing around. You might check with and see if they can give you more specs.

The skimmer is quite small too, but used with mud and algae, you won't need too much skimming.

For rating, this is just my opinion, but i would think about up to 90 gallon tank.



You are right on the line. They recommend 30 pounds for 100 gallon tank. For up to 95 gallon though they recommend 20 pounds, so i think 20lbs would probably work, or even 25 pounds to save a little cash!