Aquapod filtration confusion


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I'm completely confused and am hoping for advice. I've got a 12 gallon Aquapod that's been set up for about a month. I've got 10 pounds of live sand and about 15 pounds of live rock in the tank, along with 5 hermit crabs and a peppermint shrimp.

I first set up the tank with the sponge in the far left compartment in the back of the tank and the pump in the far right, leaving the middle two compartments empty. I added a fission skimmer inside the tank. After a couple of weeks I realized that the skimmer was doing little but adding lots of microbubbles. It seems that most folks think the fission skimmers are pretty worthless.

I talked with folks at the lfs and they suggested that I get rid of the skimmer and add ceramic chips and carbon to the compartment next to the sponge and bio-balls in the compartment next to the pump. I did that, but the middle two compartments flood completely, so the bio-balls are just floating, and I know they need air to work.

I had my water tested last night and all's well there.

I guess my question is: what's the best way to set up the rear compartments of a 12 gallon aquapod? I'd love to start planning what to add to the tank and when to add coral and fish, but I know I need to figure out this filtration before I go down that road.

Any help is appreciated.


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I have the same tank, and here's what I do based on advice from a lot of veterans. I upgraded the pump to a Maxijet 900 for a little more flow, and I took out all the media in the back and replaced it with PURA filter pads in the first chamber. I just cut it to size and wedge it against the wall between the first and second chamber so the water is forced to flow through it. This along with weekly 10-20% water changes keeps everything very happy. I've heard that those Fission skimmers are pretty worthless as well. There's another brand out there that's supposed to be decent, but I can't remember what it is. Most people seem to just go skimmerless.