Atlantis Aquatics


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Atlantis Aquatics is a small coral farm that I run out of the basement of my home.
I was lucky enough to find a way to make a part time job out of my favorite hobby :)

I got hooked on marine life while watching Jacques Cousteau on TV as a kid.
I am a PADI certified scuba diver and can't get enough of the ocean. I have captained & crewed sail racing boats in the NY/NJ area for years.

I have been in the marine aquarium hobby since 1984.
I specialize in Tank Aquacultured Corals. Primarily colorful SPS. Lots of softies are available as well.

I love this hobby and the people who participate in it!

My Primary system consists of 5 AGA 40 gal breeders and 3 AGA 30 gal breeders all rack mounted running through a 70 gal sump. I built the sump with 5 compartments so it has a integral refugium. Each tank has 3 or 4 powerheads running off of 3 Wavemaster Pro wavemakers. The 5 40's each have German 400 watt 10000K Metal Halides with PFO ballasts and 96 watt Custom Sea Life Power Compact actinic. They are my SPS tanks.
The 3 30's have 3 96 watt PC's. (OH boy you should see my electric bill). These are used for Xenia and Fish breeding. I skim 24x7 with an ETS stingray 800. I have a DIY calcium reactor based on the K2R design. Sump has 3 300 watt heaters and each tank has a 200 watt heater. Just like many reefers I am always fine tuning this system. I plan an external refugium in the near future, and have plans for a surge device on some of the SPS tanks.

My second system consists of 2 75 gallon AGA with a 30 gallon AGA sump. This is a softy prop system. It has 4 by 96 watt CSL PC lighting over each tank. It also has a dual chamber calcium reactor and is skimmed 24 X 7 with a berlin skimmer.