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Looking to get an ato for 40 gal reef tank. Any recommendations. All I look at have such mixed reviews


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Hi Tuni324. Welcome to Reef Central. I'm interested in an ATO for my new 20 gallon. Hopefully we'll get some good recommendations.


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The Osmolators have a long track record so that's what people normally recommend. There's s many newer ones now made by Autoaqua, Kamoer, Reef Breeders, Ice cap, XP Aqua, Innovative Marine, Hydor, etc., and as you've noticed mixed reviews. I really don't get why there is failure with these considering I've been using a DIY reed switch, relay, 9v battery, and a aquaclear 201 pump for nearly 20 years straight without a problem. My only guess is this fascination with using optical sensors but that is just a guess. Let us know what you decide on. :)