Attn: Mr. Calfo


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Mr. Calflo,
I understand you are a resident of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh if I am not mistaken.
I live in the region as well. Would you be willing to offer your suggestions for local fish stores in the area? I understand you have a reputation to uphold and totally understand that you may not want to offer negative comments, but what have you seen that you are willing to give the old stamp of approval? I am mostly interested in the knowledge of the owner/staff, and variety of stock.

Thank you,



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Anthony no longer moderates this forum. He does pop in from time to time. Id' try sending him an email through his profile here or a PM if he accepts them.



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Thanks, I don't want to bother him unless he hapens to notice, but thank you for the information.

Anyone else? Pittsburgh LFS I usually hit up Wet Pets, Under the Sea, Atlantis, or maybe elmers


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Have you checked out Seahorse?

I've found some decent stuff at PS in Moroeville in the past.

I just went to the PSP in Irwin today for the first time. Not a very big selection but what they had looked good.