automation equipment question


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I'm currently building a 20gallon reef. I have two Hydor Koralia Nano 425's to put in there. (It's crazy how small these pumps are!) Anyways, I wanted to be able to control them but all my outlets on my reefkeeper lite are spoken for. Should I get a Hydor Smart Wave for $70 or the ReefKeeper PC4 Power Bar Module for $90 to control these. I know the Smart Wave is made for Hydor pumps but would the Reefkeeper be able to control them just as well? I think the power module with the 4 extra outlets would be the better value but wanted to make sure it would work as well.

What do you think? Thanks!


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pc4. if in the future you change something you will have the availability of changing programming for the pc4. cant say that about the smart wave. i have no experience with those.