**AWESOME SPS UPDATE** Big Colonies, and ORA Aquaculture Frags!!


RC Sponsor
Aussie Acropora Colonies are BACK!! After a long awaited hiatus, we have Acropora Colonies of all different varieties, colors, and sizes back in stock! Being this much anticipated they will not last long, so don't wait! Check out some highlights down below, and click any of the photos to shop now!

Additionally, DOZENS of stunning ORA Aquaculture frags have hit the site! Most of these frags are monsters in size compared to normal! Grown out and colorful under all lighting spectrums. Everything from well known Acropora to Birdsnest, Stylophora, Pocillopora, Montipora, and much more! While we uploaded plenty of SPS frags from ORA, we also added plenty of their LPS frags and Clams! You don't want to miss this awesome update, especially if you're an SPS lover or want to become one!