Big Sumps for Examples


I thought you might enjoy this for your sump series. This was a sump project I worked on a few years back. It was a custom sump. The tank inside the house was a 240 reef. This is a photo of the system before we came to clean it up.

This sump is 8 feet long, 2 feet wide and the bio chamber is at about 5 feet.

I also recently built a test sump for myself, It's a 100gal sump with 4 baffles and refuge. Zephrant helped with the design - I have 4" baffles as he recommended - and he will hopefully be building the final sump once all the wrinkles - microbubbles - have been worked out.

If you would like photos of the process they are available. New sump went wet last weekend and refuge and Algae went in this weekend.