Black Max...where are they!?!

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Thanx for the reply!!!

How many have you ever seen?

I know that many LFS and Online shops say ''Black Max", but it sure doesn't look like the one I've seen.
Black Max

Black Max

Hey all,

Black maxima clams are the ever so elusive. As I am importing about 1000 clams (farm raised) per month, I only see maybe 2 or 3 black....and not truly black clams.

Many will call a dark colored maxima black, but not me. In my personal experience, I have really only seen 2 or 3 truly black maxima's over the last 10-12 years. And that's seeing alot of clams!!!

But it's like the lottery, of'course I am the first one in every shipment to scan the clams to see if there is a black one in there..

Best regards,

I really wish that I could get ahold of that many clams!!:eek1:
I actually know for a fact that I have a few of your clams that you bring in, and can I just say that they are AWESOME! Do you have any great pics of your clams to show the folks out there what I'm talking about!?!
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