Bubble on a mushroom - General shroom help


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When I got home yesterday I went straight to the tank as usual and was checking everything out when I noticed that my one solitary green mushroom that I got as a hitchiker in some chaeto had this bubble on it. It was like someone injected water under the skin and it looked ready to pop. None of my purple shrooms have a problem. My parameters are near perfect with only nitrate above 0 at 10 ppm. Calcium is 400. Ph is 8.2. Phosphate = <.05.

Is this a natural thing? I thought maybe it was about to release spores or something. I really like this freebie and want it to spread.

Also my purple shrooms have completly covered the rock I bought them on and the larger ones are stealing all the light from the smaller ones underneath. What is a good way to remove and relocate the shrooms and have them saty where I put them? One purple shroom decided to move the other day and I found it floating on the sand. I have moved it 4 times now only to have it be disturbed by a snail or hermit before it gets attached.


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There was something in Sprung and Delbeeks second volume that described this in reaction to high lighting conditions.


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It happens time to time with shrooms funny thing is the ones that I have seen it happen two never look the worse for wear during or after . I think it will be fine if left alone to work things out so to say.

As far as attaching them if you have room i would throw some rubble in the bottom of a baby food jar or Tupperware type container and put the looseys in it they will attach to something and then could be placed somewhere else more easily with an anchor.

If you don't have the room tie em down using fishing line.

May wanna post over in the mushroom forum for more responses also.