Buiding a rock wall to cover overflow


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The overflow in my 300 gallon takes up a good size foot print in my tank. I'm looking for ideas on how to best cover the overflow so it wouldn't be as visible when looking into the tank.

I do have a lot of fist sized rock. What I was considering was gluing the rock together to create a "sheet" that I could lean up against the sump. I envision the rock sheet having spaces between the rock so fish can swim through and behind the rock sheet. Hopefully this rock wall would look natural.

Has anyone created anything similar? Any recommendations as to a glue to use? Has anyone used a different strategy to hide the sump? If so could you post a pic?

Happy New Year To All !!!!!


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I did that to mine. I put some abs pipe under it to make some caves. Then made the frame with eggctrate. Zip tied some rocks on. Filled in with pond foam. 2 part epoxy over all of it and smashed in some sand.