Building a new Biocube 32 from old FOWLR need advice along the way... starting with c


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History : I had a 29 gallon biocube set up in 2013 with Fiji live rock and failed attempts at corals. I upgraded with same live rock in my 75 gallon but prioritized my blue hippo ick problem over my corals (only had a few) and decided to stay fowlr for the time being. Medical issues in 2018 led me to moving in with mom and being bed bound for 6 months so kept the 2 (mean) clowns from 2013, and same live rock alive till finally ready to transfer to my new home in a newly purchased biocube 32 again. (No room for the 75) I have did the mod for the media basket and the Tunze 9001.001 skimmer to fit in compartment 2, I have innovative marine reactor (desktop) on the way, back order. I'm planning on going glass bottom tank to reduce detritus build up this time. Moms tired of taking care of my clowns and still not sure if I'll do reef or not, they have bitten chunks out of my fingers and the heavy duty gloves make coral placement and handling difficult.

Current problem and question-
Due to lower maintenance while at moms in a 29 gallon tall tank with hob filter, lots of algae and detritus worms have been an issue. I know there is an infestation of worms in that rock. I want them gone or greatly reduced but not sure if I want to do the natural cure (dark bucket for months) because I have still nice coralline agar grown left on my live rock. How is best to start the new tank with my Fiji rock saving the bacteria and coralline without pests.

algae grown on some of them. What should I do to lose the worms but keep the coralline algae

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