Bulb Recommendations?


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Okay, I now this has probably been answered ad-nauseum, and it's probably largely a personal preference...but...

I have recently swithced from 250w SE XM 15k's to 10k's because I thought the 15k's were too dim. I have used 10k's in the past and gotten great growth with them, however the seem a bit too yellow for my taste now. I think I'm about 2/3rd's of the way through the 120hour "burn-in" period, so maybe I should withhold judgement.

At any rate, what is anyone's suggestion for a better balance...oh BTW I have (4) T5s overdriven to 85watts as supplemental - I am using 3 geisman blue-plus and one pure actinic for those.

My tank is 24" deep to the top of the sandbed and the MH's are about 10-12" from the surface of the water. I am using Luminarcs...still think it could be a little bluer...but want it good and bright for my SPS and coloration.



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Radium 20K is a bright blue bulb with great par.

Aquaconnect 14 is a par monster.

Ushio 10K are nice but still a little yellow