Calling The Tang Police


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Ok, so its not a tank size issue but I do have a quick question about tangs.

I have a medium sized yellow tang, I am planning on adding a small hippo and would love a powder blue. Will the powder blue fight with the yellow because of the body shape. I believe the hippo is a different shape so it wouldnt but maybe the three would make a mini shoal (not a very good one).

Anything I could do to make the situation where I could have a PBT hippo and yellow like adding two or three more yellows along with the PBT? I want all my fish to be as small as possible when I buy them. I llike them to start that way.

Tank will mostly consist of just this group of small tangs. I will only have 4 very small green chromis and one clown.

Thanks for any advice.


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Powders are very difficult fish and there have been many expert reefers who have not been successful longterm with them.

Typically you would get a tang larger than the one that is established so the new tang can hold it's own. Hippos get HUGE. I wouldn't go more than 3 tangs in that tank.

I have 4 yellows in a 450 and it's getting close to max. I might try another tang perhaps a chevron, but it will have to be big because the yellows have their teritory and heirarchy all set up.


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I think the powder blue will fight with the hippo before it fights with a yellow tang.

Not tangs, but I purchased a rabbitfish that started at about three inches and is now close to seven inches - it's only been a year and a half.

They grow fast.


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your yellow will harass your PBT... when i still had mine maybe my PBT was more mellowed out... but the yellow would constantly go about picking on all my other fish sailfin twice as big it it was and a PBT that is bigger than itself too.

the PBT i have now was very ticked off at the addition of the regal and i dont know about the yellow as i dont have plans on adding one


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I have a friend that had a hippo in a 210 and it got too big for his tank. That fish was a maniac.
Also i would'nt put a PBT in anything less that a 180.