Check out my shallow clam tank.

Thanks, I have 8 derasa,3 crocea, and 1 baby gold maxima.I've got to buy a better camera.The tank is lit by 1 400w radium 20k.It's been set up for about 6 mounths.I'm trying my first calcium reactor soon as i can get my co2 tank refilled.I plan on trying to keep about 15 at a time with a few sps corals too.I sell them at my video store.(Hobby gone wild!!)
I plan on purchasing from and can't wait to get some ultra clams!Check out the pics on there site.
thanks john. I got to get a better camara.It was made custom from ocean view aquariums in mississippi.It is my favorite tank.
I've heard about that place.....Do they just let you walk in there & purchase or do you need a license? I don't think they are open to the public. I realize you had your order shipped but L.A. is about 45 minutes from me.
James looks like you got some new stuff. Dont sell anything till I get there! j/k.

What camera did you get? I just got a new one myself, Olympus C-720, its awesome.

Are you going to open Mardi Gras, I may stop by.
I got a few new things , mainly some 4" derasa clams $29.95 ea.
Yes ,I'll will be open tomorrow come on by.
What are the two isolation areas for?

Looks very nice! You should post in the main forum too.

The isolation is for a carpet an. and a long tentacle an.The first night I had them they roamed and stung a lot of stuff.