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I'm wondering if these numbers could be correct. My numbers have been bouncing around alot in the last couple of weeks and wonder if anyone can come up with some answers. This is from a letter I've written to a friend thus the format. The tank is a 260 PACKED with all soft corals and LOTS of fish. I'm running a 3002 Korallin CA reactor and the numbers given are from that reactor.

3-5-06 Gravity 1.025, Calcium 320, TH 23, Mag 855, ALK 9

3-7-06 Gravity 1.026, Calcium 440, TH 31, MAG 1148, ALK 8-9

On 3-10-06 I tested my Calcium reactor effluent and came up with these numbers
Calcium 760, TH 39, MAG 1350, ALK 48

3-14-06 Gravity 1.025, Calcium 360, TH 21, MAG 765, ALK 7-8

On 3-15-06 I tested the same with a friends Hach kit and came up with this:
Calcium 560, TH 36, MAG 1305, Didn't test ALK

Now today I just tested and have this
Gravity 1.026, Calcium 260, TH 21, MAG 787, ALK 8

Can things bounce around this much?

Might the readings be that far off if some of my test reagents are expired?

If my calcium reactor is putting such high numbers into the tank, why are my levels so low?

Could my tank be sucking this much stuff out of the water on a daily basis?

What would you do if you were me??

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Magnesium 855 to 1148 to (1350) to 765 to 1305 to 787?

No, that must be testing error.

Calcium 320 to 440 to 360 to 560 to 260?

No, that is also testing error.

yes,t he tests can be off for many reasons, including expired reagents, poor use, poor kit design, etc.

FWIW, the levels in the reactor effluent are typically higher than the tank, and it is the fact that the flow is low that keeps it in line. Magnesium won't be much higher.

If the tank is:

420 ppm Ca++ and 11 dKH,
the reactor effluent might be:
627 ppm Ca++ and 40 dKH

These might help understand the effluent:

Calcium Reactor setup calculator (CaCO3/CO2 reactors)

A Guide to Using Calcium Reactors

Besides the Hach, what were the other kit brands?