chiller questions


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I've been looking around this forum, maybe not deep enough, I am looking for some answers on what type and how big of a chiller to get, if I in fact do require one.

My total tank volume dt & refug is about 100 gallons, dt 75 minus about 15 gallon for the live rock and dsb, 40 gallon for the refug. The system is built into the wall between two rooms. Over the dt are 8x54watt T5's which give off quite a bit of heat, I try to evacuate as much heat as possible.

During the summer ambient temperature in the house is 74 to 76 degree F, winter is warmer due to a wood burning stove.

Water temp in tank rarely gets under 78 degree and often goes over 82 deg. I want to keep SPS, softies, and LPS. Is there an optimal temperature to have happy animals?

Can anyone offer any choices that would be suitable or any ways to chill the water better. Is there a minimal size, keeping efficiency and cost in check?


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If the tank is staying under 86 I wouldn't worry about it. You can always try a fan to increase evaporative cooling. Here is a good read, this topic gets tossed around a lot and most people run their tanks cooler than is needed.

Another good way to help with heat management is by looking at the wattage of the pumps in the tank, high wattage pumps impart a lot of heat to the water and this keeps the temps higher than needed. Mag pumps are a good example of a high wattage pump.