clam eating from the bottom


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what are the chances of my blue supermax living wiuthout a foot??i lost my purple one lastnight to nass and worms.(i know i know they must have been sick)but i dont think so because the other one is still opening and eating,but he has no foot left they ate how do i care for it ???i dt it once a day and it eats fine so it was HEALTHY when it was attacked.its an odd color so i want it to was is the sand and now is in the rockwork.all tank perams are fine lighting is 2 175 watt mh...please help,no flamers please.
thats what everyone said but i found it hard to believe because one is still fully open and eating.he just has no foot.there has to be another reason for the attacks..
Sorry I see only 2 possiblities.

1) Your Nassarius snails are not really nassarius snails.

2) Your clam was dying and nassarius snails, and bristleworms did their job and cleaned up the dying material.

Did it just lose it's foot? A clam can shed it's byssal attachmnet and still live. They can also regenerate it. Shedding of the byssal indicates stress in my experience. How long have you had it?

What do you me open and eating? I understand open, but you really do not get to see a clam eat, since it is a filter feeder.

Sorry for your loss, Rob