Clams touching each other?


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Is it ok? I have a group of about 3 of them all touching each other. has anyone ever had problems with this? It appears to me they like it? Barry, and Jim can I have you guys opinion on this too please. Thanx
In my holding tank, sometimes they do as they move around but don't seem to bother eachother but I do try to keep them seperated the best I can.

Hope this helps.

In my show tanks I have several groups that touch each other. I notice my maximas seem to like this were as my hippopus and squamosas do not. I only have one crocea in the group of about 100 clams I have, so I cannot comment about them personnally. In the wild The croceas group. Maybe Barry withh trade some croceas for some maximas??????
Excuse me please, but I don't think you guys should make the clams selfconcious about touching each other...if you're gonna be embarrassed, don't watch.:D
touching clams

touching clams

One problem I have had with the clams in my holding tanks is that if they touch each other, sometimes they put the grip ropes on each other and tug-o-war. This can be a pain because they pull each other tightly back to back so that the mantle is not facing upward to bask in the Halide Sunshine.

For this reason, I try to keep them apart.