cloud water


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I have a tank than I start to change some equipment 3 months ago (skimmer, pump lights etc). the last week tooke some ceramics and purigen than was sitted in the sump for long time. the day after the water start to get white cloudy, I was hopping to get clear with days pass, but today it still cloudy and start to get a brown color.

Any idea? something I can put in to solve it?

I think is a bacteria bloom I had in other tanks thats before but never took that much to get clear.

thanks a lot guys


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I had something simular happen on a new Bare Bottom Tank set up. Like you I have had many tanks and never exerienced something like this before. The water was really milky and cloudy for about 4-5 days and then cleared up almost as quickly as it started! I suspected too that it was just a bacterial bloom. May water never turned brown though during the event. So I dont know what is up with that....