Clownfish break up?


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I've had my mated pair for over 2 years and I've had them in a QT for over two months due to a fallow period on my display tank. During QT they were inseparable and spent their whole time hosting a coffee cup together. I put them back in my 180 display where they are the only fish that I own at the moment and all was going well. The swam together and did everything together. Now for the last day the two have been hosting opposite sides on the tank and don't seem to care that the other is missing. Is it possible that they broke the pair or is this kind of separation normal for small time periods? Thanks for any advice!


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My bonded pair of black and white ocelliaris did this a couple weeks ago I personally think they just had a marital dispute and needed some space now mine are back together after about 10 days


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Sometimes they do that, though for the most part is they are a bonded pair they'll return to each other.

Now when you say 'hosting' opposite sides of the tanks, are they just lingering around on either side?

Or are there anemones on either side?